Launch Party

Solve your pain problem

Launch Party

We are now officially open for business after a great launch on Sat 17th of August.  We wanted to use it as a chance to say a massive thank you to our friends and family who have helped us get the clinic ready for action.  Little Soho next door provided delicious pizza which didn’t last long, and we washed it all down with a glass of fizz or two.  Our friends and family have constantly amazed us with how darned supportive they all are.  We’re pretty lucky. 

Delicious cake!
Our wonderful and very patient website designer, Josef McFadden (check out and event photographer Peter Gilchrist

The next step is the best bit. Getting on with some physio rehab.  
A leading physio (the late Louis Gifford) put it like this.  He said people in pain want to know:

1. What’s wrong with them 
2. How long will it take to get better
3. What they can do to to help
4. And what the physio can do to help

This really sums it up to us. Anyone coming through our doors should leave with the answers to those 4 questions.

We also want you to feel in charge of your recovery,  and we’ll give you all the help we can to get you back…Moving better and feeling better.

3 Responses

  1. duncan macfarlane says:

    I visited for the first time last week with a neck pain following cataract surgery several months ago, and was impressed with the initial person centred assessment which looked at both environmental and physical issues which had caused this discomfort. The pain has reduced and I know how to prevent future muscle spasms with an exercise regime. I look forward to one more follow up visit, Thanks

  2. Charles says:

    Really helped with my leg stiffness and pain. Definitely worth visiting.

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