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We have a variety of appointment options below to get you back on track. If you are unsure which is best for you then please do contact us for a chat.

Physio Initial Appointment - £75 (1 Hour)   

  • Providing an expert assessment of your injury or problem with one of our specialist physiotherapists.
  • Comprising a detailed history, very thorough physical assessment and diagnosis, giving you a clear written plan and treatment solutions.
  •  Your specific goals are our top priority.

Short Physio appointment -  £60  (30 mins)

  • An expert physio assessment and rehab advice session for less complex conditions such as tennis elbow, a recent sprain or injury, recovery from fracture or Ortho surgery.
  • Or let's see if we can get your recovery well under way while you await an NHS appointment.

Clinic Director - Physio / Chronic Pain appointment £95  (1 Hour)

Claire and Shona have 47 years experience accumulatively helping people to recover from persistent and chronic pain, and are passionate about helping you get better. They are experts at looking at pain from a whole person lens, not just a body part.

They are using a new physio person-centred approach to chronic pain, which recognises a range of interacting factors unique to each person that can influence your diagnosis.  This approach is showing excellent, long-lasting results, and there are very few physio practices in the west of Scotland offering this at the moment.

Your session involves a very thorough history, a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment.  Clients tell us they leave feeling hugely optimistic about their future and with support and a clear plan for recovery.

Clinic Director - Physio Spinal/ Sciatic pain appointment & Spinal Health check  £95 (1 Hour)  

Our Clinic Directors, Shona and Claire are neck and back pain experts bang up-to-date with the latest spinal treatment and research (see  They will take a deep dive into your history and limitations and will help get you back to your pain-free life with an understanding of what caused your spinal issue in the first place and a robust plan for any potential future pain exacerbations.

Shona and Claire have worked with surgeons and scan results for 20+ years within the NHS back pain service and are expertly placed to help de-mystify X-Ray or MRI scans - and also point out what is good on your scan, which is rarely done! So please bring any results along to this appointment.

Pelvic Health review appointment - £65 (30 mins)

Kate's list is currently closed for new clients but she will review previous clients upon request.  Please contact us.

Home Visit Physio initial appointment - £90 (1 Hour)

Do you need us to come to you?  E mail us or give us a call for a chat about how we might be able to help.

Home Visit Physio review appointment - £65 (45 mins) 

Specialist Massage Therapist  £70 (1 Hour)

Lesley and Roberta are our specialised massage therapists. They are highly experienced therapists and have a deep understanding and knowledge of pain and chronic issues.  We work as a team to support you back to feeling fantastic.  They also mentor our junior massage therapist, Danna. See massage page for more info.

Pre and Post Natal Specialist Massage - £100 (90 Mins)

Book in for a longer massage with Roberta or Lesley.  We are here to support you as you navigate the changes in your body whilst you are pregnant or after.  Our massages are individual to you - as every body is different.

Junior Massage Therapist  - £50 (1 Hour)

Meet Danna, our junior massage therapist.  She has fantastic, intuitive massage skills, a calming communication style and is also a qualified sports therapist, which is why we chose her to work within our team.  You will be in great hands.



Clinic Director £60 for 30 mins
Physio £55 for 30 mins
Pelvic Health £65 for 30 mins