Pain (Not So) Glorious Pain

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Pain (Not So) Glorious Pain

We’re passionate about pain here at West End Physio.  Taming it, rather than inducing it you’ll be pleased to hear.

Pain is a major cause of disability across the world and has such an impact on everything from work, family life, mental health and socialising to happiness and general health (ref).

The good news is a lot of what we used to think about pain is not true, such as pain equals damage, pain gets worse with age, pain means stop and protect. This is especially when talking about persistent (chronic) pain.  It might sound a bit crazy but we need to start looking at persistent pain in a different way. This blog link from Joletta Belton, a font of pain knowledge but most importantly, someone living with persistent pain, gives a great synopsis here.

We will be posting useful links, video clips, podcasts and more on our blog in an attempt to dispel some old myths and providing up to date information which might start to get you thinking about your own pain, or that of your pal/ family member.

Talking of taming…this short video clip “Tame The Beast” is a good start if you have persistent pain and have no idea why it’s spreading or taking a good chunk of enjoyment out of your life.

Then there is this. It is such a fantastic listen by one of the world’s leading pain researchers, Lorimer Moseley.  Important messages and a good dose of positivity for anyone dealing with troublesome persistent pain.  Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Our pain system is bioplastic (changeable) and although it’s a journey with its ups and downs, it can be possible to get back in control of the pain, rather than it controlling you.