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Welcome To West End Physio

Our clinic is based in Jordanhill, in the heart of the West End of Glasgow.  

We are highly experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists able to help you with any injury or pain problem.  

We specialise in the treatment of complex or persisting pain.

We can enable you to overcome both the physical and the emotional obstacles in the way of your wellbeing using a contemporary, holistic approach.  

We also offer massage and yoga from our Jordanhill clinic.


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What Makes Us Different?

We take an optimistic view of your health.  

We believe that understanding why you may have pain, tightness or loss of function is the first key step to recovery.

We will examine your function and what is possible for you to change, whether that be your physical capabilities, or trust and confidence in your body.

We believe what you think about your pain or body can hugely influence how you use it. 

 We will work with you to make sense of your pain problem and then help to put a plan in place. The hope ultimately is that you feel more in control.

What We Offer

We treat all sorts of aches and pains here in our Jordanhill physio clinic. For a full list of our specialist treatments, see our ‘what we offer’ page.


Ongoing pain is the most frustrating condition: we have many years of experience working with chronic complex pain syndromes and will take a whole body approach to help get your back in the driving seat.


Comprehensive assessment and treatment of back and neck pain by experienced spinal experts helping you to make sense of your back pain and move forward with a plan.


Using a range of activity methods to improve your sports or every day performance.  We can help get you stronger, more flexible and in less pain whether it be with a pain condition or following surgery.  We individualise your care to maximise your potential. We have a small gym area in the clinic for supported exercise, as well as a dedicated yoga expert ready to guide you through 1: 1 sessions.  Modifying how you move can help you to feel better.


Whether you have recently had a joint replacement or meniscal, ACL or shoulder surgery to name but a few; we are here to give you evidence based, structured rehabilitation.  Or we can provide diagnosis and treatment for all sorts of aches and pains such as osteoarthritic pain, nerve pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, ligament and cartilage injuries, planter fascitis and hip issues.   

The Team

Meet the physio team at West End Physio Glasgow

Shona Houston

Specialist Physiotherapist / Practice Director

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Claire MacKelvie

Specialist Physiotherapist / Practice Director

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Gill Watt

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physio

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Andrew McLafferty

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physio

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