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Chronic Pain

Whether it's back, shoulder, neck or leg pain; persisting pain is the most frustrating condition and has a significant impact on everyday life for many people. We have many years of experience working with chronic complex pain syndromes and take a whole body approach.

Sports And Exercise Physio Rehab

We treat neck, back, upper limb and lower limb pain conditions including tennis/ golfers elbow, rotator cuff related shoulder pain, arthritic pain, nerve pain, post surgery pain and any sports related injury.  Using physiotherapy techniques and activity to get you stronger, more flexible and in less pain.  We give you a thorough assessment, a clear diagnosis and sport/ activity specific treatment plan.

Running Analysis

Are you struggling with lower limb pain? Is pain preventing you from training and running?  We will look at your running in detail. We are experts in running rehab and will assess all your running needs.

Specialist Vestibular Physiotherapy

Alison MacKinnon is a highly experienced vestibular expert and offers specialist assessment and treatment for dizziness and balance issues such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, cervicogenic dizziness, labyrinthitis, migrainous vertigo, and post whiplash dizziness. Contact us for more details or click here for booking information.

Lesley Campbell Massage - West End

Providing various forms of individualised massage to all, from high level athletes to people with on-going pain problems.  Lesley also specialises in ante-natal pregnancy massage.  Contact us in our Jordanhill clinic for more information, or book online through Lesley's website.  See here for more details. or BOOK NOW.

Jo Logue One to One Yoga Sessions

A great way to begin your yoga journey, get back to yoga after pain and injury or improve your current practice; with individualised sessions from our experienced yoga instructor Jo Logue.  Jo is in West End Physio, Jordanhill every Wednesday. Contact us for more information/ booking or click here for details.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Dr Kate Lough consults as specialist pelvic health physio in the clinic every Monday and specialises in both mens and womens pelvic health. See pelvic health link for further info on Kate.
Rosie Davie is a Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and she consults in West End Physio every Wednesday. She regularly sees clients pre and post pregnancy, and can treat pelvic floor and continence concerns. click here for booking information.


Book with us today for your initial physio consultation, which will last up to 60 minutes. We will go through a thorough assessment, give you a clear explanation and help you get moving well again with treatment and advice.



Initial Physio Consultation                        £60

Follow Up Physio Appointment               £45

Initial Physio Consultation (Under 16's)  £45
One to One Yoga session                         £40 

Massage (1 hr)                                           £50

Close-up Of A Physiotherapist Giving Man A Training With Exercise Band


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